Keeping your Eyes Healthy

It is not difficult to keep your eyes healthy. Some simple steps can help keep them working well throughout life making sure you see well.

1. Diet

We often hear the phrase that we are what we eat and guess what, that is somewhat true for our eyes too. Eating the right food has been shown to prevent some common eye conditions that we are prone to as we get older Studies have shown that nutrients such as Omega 3 & 6, Vitamins C & E, Zinc and food rich in a pigment called Lutein can help prevent conditions such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) and Cataract. Foods containing eye friendly nutrients include Oily fish such as Mackerel and Salmon, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables such as curly Kale.

2. Sun Protection

We all know that sunlight damages our skin and now more than ever the dangers of UV light are well known but we often neglect to protect our eyes. Children and elderly patients who have had cataract surgery are most at risk of UV damage to the eyes. Long term cumulative exposure to UV increases the risk of Cataract and Macular Degeneration. In a sea faring town like Youghal many people spend their time on boats or walking the beach and UV reflected from water is a very concentrated source of UV light. Sun glasses, Wide brimmed hats and avoiding the sun during peak hours are all good ways of protecting our eye. Don’t forget the winter sun too!

3. Stop Smoking

There are more reasons to give up cigarettes than there are not to. Smoking is directly linked to blindness. Another good reason to kick the habit. Smokers are approximately 4 times more likely to develop the Wet form of Macular degeneration which is more aggressive than its Dry relative.

4 Genetics

It's in your genes It is true that you cant choose your family and you can’t change your genes but talking to your relatives about your familys eye health and history is important. Some eye conditions have strong genetic inheritance such as Glaucoma or squints in children and lazy eye. Knowing this information can help detect the conditions earlier allowing better earlier treatment and sometimes prevention. At Suil eile we are happy to discuss any concerns regarding family history with you in confidence.

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