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A recent study by Tinder showed that wearing glasses in your profile picture gave you fifteen percent less right swipes than if you don't wear glasses. Here at Súil Eile we refute this study. 

Contact Lenses For Children

Yes! Children as young as eight can be mature enough to wear contact lenses but the age does vary with the child. A good indicator is how well your child can look after themselves.

Simple things such as eye colour are inheritated but here are a number of common eye conditions  and many more rare conditions that can be passed in your genes to your children.

Súil Eile celebrated its 9th Birthday earlier this month and we were delighted to welcome the first ever customer Mr Tom Heffernan in for his annual eye exam.

Ireland is now amongst the most overweight nations in Europe. We all know that being overweight is bad for us.

Solar Eclipse will take place on Friday 20th March

On Friday the 20th March there will be a total solar eclipse over Northern Hemisphere.

Are you at that age where your arms are no longer long enough to allow you to read comfortable? Is everything up close to you a blur? Ever wonder what it is or what is actually going on? Well it's

Part two of our guide to eye health. You can find part one here.

It is not difficult to keep your eyes healthy. Some simple steps can help keep them working well throughout life making sure you see well.