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Special Services Available At Súil Eile Optometrists, Youghal

Group 2 Driving license eye sight report 

New regulations since 2009 require all HGV license applicants to have a special eye examination to check their periperhal vision, contrast sensitivity, glare sensitivity and visual acuity. This service has a limited number of providers.


Paediatric Eye examination

Sue has a special interest in Paediatric eye care as well as vision care for children with special needs. She has completed a number of postgraduate courses in vision problems found in children with Down Syndrome and learning difficulties


Eye care for people with Downs Syndrome

People and children are more prone to eye problems and therefore have specific eye care needs. They often require stronger glasses due to higher prescriptions, they are known to have difficulty focusing on objects up close and sometimes need bifocals at an earlier age to help with reading. People with Downs Syndrome are more prone to certain eye conditions such as blepharitis, cysts and styes meaning their eye lids often appear red and flaky. Cataract and Keratoconus ( a cone shaped cornea) are also more common. Approximately 60% of children with Downs syndrome require glasses and about half will have a squint or lazy eye.

Is the eye examination different for people with Downs Syndrome?

All individuals with Down Syndrome should have an eye examination at least every 2 years. It is important that the optometrist is aware of the specific needs of individuals with Down Syndrome. 

We are often asked how we test children and adults who have communication difficulties. We use special charts which are designed for children and adults with intellectual difficulties, these charts use pictures or shapes or sometimes images of varying contrast. The prescription is measured using a retinoscope so the individual is not required to tell us what lens is better or worse or if they prefer lens 1 or lens 2. 

Eye drops are often necessary to allow the optometrist examine the back of the eyes and determine the most accurate prescription of the glasses.

We will provide specific lifestyle advise to help individuals use their vision to the best of their ability. Simple methods such as using a dark marker instead of pencil will improve the contrast of writing on the page for people with Downs Syndrome. It is known that individuals with Downs Syndrome can have reduced contrast sensitivity. 

Glasses for people with Downs Syndrome

The facial features of children and adults with Downs Syndrome is different. Therefore it is extremely important to take this into consideration when fitting them with glasses. Their nose is often flat and small, the length from the back to the front of the head is shorter. Poorly fitted glasses will often slide down their nose or rub off their eye lashes. Frames often require personal modification for the individual with Downs Syndrome and at Súil Eile the 'one fit suits all approach' is not used. 

Sue our optometrist has completed specialised training in assessing the eye care needs of individuals with Downs Syndrome with the renowned Downs syndrome eye care specialist and researcher Dr Kathryn Saunders at the University of Ulster. 

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact Sue for more information by emailing sue@suileile.ie