Keeping your Eyes Healthy - Part 2

Part two of our guide to eye health. You can find part one here.

5. Eye Protection

We only have one pair of eyes so look after them. We associate the use of safety glasses with hazardous jobs such as high impact sports but sometimes everyday DIY can be just as dangerous. Gardening, Drilling, painting. Something simple can result in a devastating eye injury. Wearing protective eye wear can greatly reduce the risk of an eye injury. Talk to us about your needs be it in your place of employment or for every day hobbies

6. Computers

Computers do not damage the eyes but users spend long periods at screens can get tired eyes, headaches, temporary blurred vision and dry gritty eyes. It is important to take regular breaks at the computer. At suil eile e advocate the 20- 20-20 rule when using a computer. Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This allows the user to relax their eye muscles regularly and can help prevent fatigue at the screen. Feel free to contact us for advice if you have other concerns.

7. Contact Lens Care

If you wear contact lenses ensure you wear them as prescribed and attend for regular checkups. Never ignore discomfort or redness that lingers on removal of your lenses. Seek advice. Always remember the big donts of Contact lens wear. No Sleeping in lenses, No Swimming in Lenses, No Water in contact with contact lenses ( eg no showering)

8. Regular Dilated Eye Examinations 

Have your eyes examined as recommended by your eye care practitioner. Even if you feel that you are seeing well in your glasses or without, these checkups are important to help detect early subtle signs of eye disease before your vision is affected. Likewise if you notice something worrying in between checkups please contact us for advice. Don’t ignore it!

Dilated eye examinations ensure that you have the most comprehensive assessment of eye health. During a dilated eye examination drops are instilled into your eyes which dilate or enlarge the pupil. This allows the eye care professional to get a better look of the back of the eyes and pick up more suble or earlier signs of eye diseases and damage. If you are interested in a Dilated eye exam please mention it at the time of booking and bring someone with you who can drive you home. The drops may blur your vision for approximately 4-6 hours and therefore one should not drive.