Protecting childrens eyes from UV

Kids Sunnies

Parents wouldnt dream of letting their children outside on sunny days without lathering them in suncream and ensuring they are wearing a sun hat and yet very very few parents think of sunglasses as an essential part of UV protection for children.  This could be endangering children's vision health.

Children generally revieve three times the annual sun exposure of adults, they spend way more time outdoors than grown ups do. Research has shown that the childrens eyes are very susceptible to  UV related damage. The lens in an adults eye is much better at filtering out UV rays than the lens of a child.

When looking for sunglasses, parents should ensure that the lenses carry a UV400 and CE mark. This ensures that they provide minimal acceptable UV protection for the young eye. 

Sunglasses are available in many stores and vary greatly in price and quality. At Súil Eile we only sell childrens sunglasses that are specifically made to fit a childs face, frames that are not just shrunken versions of an adults. They are guaranteed to be robust and comfortable and provide optimal protection and optimal optics. Cheap sunglasses often have poor quality flimsy lenses that arent nice to look through.

For smaller children and babies our frames are hypoallergenic and made from non toxic materials- we all know some children love to chew the legs of glasses!

For the month of April we are giving away free lego packs with every Cebe kids sunglasses purchased- while stocks last!